Urban Water Management Plan Update

The City of Burbank is developing an update to its Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP). California law requires the Burbank City Council to adopt an updated UWMP by June 30, 2021. Public involvement and comment are encouraged. A public hearing regarding the draft Plan will be held in June of this year.

The Plan includes the following:
- Assessment of past and future water supplies and demands
- Evaluation of the future reliability of Burbank’s water supplies over a 20-year planning horizon
- Discussion of demand management measures and Burbank’s water shortage contingency plan
- Discussion of use and planned use of recycled water
- Evaluation of distribution system water losses

Continue to refer to this page for the Draft version of the 2020 update and for the public hearing announcement.

For more information, contact Mr. Asif Sheikh, Principal Civil Engineer at (818) 238-3500 or asheikh@burbankca.gov

Water Management Plan

Want to know where Burbank will get its water over the next 25 years? The Urban Water Management Plan has the answer!

Urban Water Management Plan Update

The City of Burbank adopted its 2015 Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) on June 14, 2016. Public involvement and comment was encouraged. California law specifically requires the water agency to submit or post on the web for public viewing a copy of the adopted 2015 UWMP no later than 30 days after adoption. This copy may be in an electronic format.

The 2015 Urban Water Management Plan Includes:

An assessment of past and future water supplies and demands, evaluation of the future reliability of our water supplies, information regarding water conservation and Demand Management Measures, a discussion of water recycling activities, report distribution system water loss, and contingency planning for water shortages.

Check Out the Final Urban Water Management Plan!

The final version of the Urban Water Management Plan that the Burbank City Council adopted can be found here! For more information, contact Matt Elsner, Principal Civil Engineer at (818) 238-3500.