Watering Schedule
Tuesday & Saturdays

Burbank is in Stage III of the Sustainable Water Use Ordinance. Outdoor watering is limited to Tuesdays and Saturdays only (April 1st - October 31st). Before 9 am or after 6 pm, a maximum of 15 minutes per irrigation station. Attended hand watering is allowed any day, before 9 am or after 6 pm.

Burbank is in Stage III of the Sustainable Water Use Ordinance

Southern California has an arid climate, and drought cycles will happen. That’s why Burbank’s City Council adopted the Sustainable Water Use Ordinance. The ordinance provides important procedures to reduce water use Citywide to mitigate the effects of water resources when California is in a drought. Burbank is currently in Stage III of the Sustainable Water Use Ordinance


Statewide Emergency Water Conservation Regulation

Watering decorative grass is prohibited on commercial properties and common areas of homeowner’s associations.

Note: This regulation expires in June 2024. We will update this page with new information as it becomes available.

On June 10, 2022, the State Water Resources Control Board adopted an emergency water conservation regulation in response to the current drought. The regulation bans the use of potable water on decorative or non-functional grass at commercial, industrial, institutional properties, and common areas managed by homeowners’ associations throughout California. Businesses that use recycled water are not subject to this regulation.

The new regulation defines non-functional turf as a ground cover surface of mowed grass that is solely ornamental and not otherwise used for human recreation purposes. In addition to not applying to residences, non-functional turf does not include school fields, sports fields, and areas regularly used for civic or community events.

Customers must comply with this regulation or they will be in violation of the state’s order. More information about the regulation, including a list of frequently asked questions, can be found on the State Water Resources Control Board’s website.

Stages of the Sustainable Water Use Ordinance

Water Waste Citations

Failure to comply with Burbank’s watering rules may result in a fine. Fines are $100 for the first violation, $200 for the second violation, and $500 for every violation thereafter.
Report Water Waste
Please fill out our online form to report any observed water waste to BWP. We will contact customers to address water waste reports. Please allow up to three weeks for the violation reported to be addressed. If the violation continues after three weeks, please submit a new request.
Received a Citation?
If you have received an administrative citation for water waste, you can request for an appeal hearing to contest the violation. Please download and complete the City of Burbank Request for Appeal Hearing form and return it to BWP at 164 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA 91502.
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