Burbank Water and Power Event Sponsorship Policy

I. Purpose

As a committed community member and partner to every resident and business in town, Burbank Water and Power (BWP) will contribute to the betterment of our city in part through participation in appropriate community events.

BWP may participate as a sponsor of events, provided these events allow BWP to a) communicate messages of resource conservation, product quality, reliability, and/or competitiveness; b) support or enhance BWP goals; and c) is consistent with the fiscal year budget funding.

II. BWP Goals

A. The promotion of public health, safety, education, general welfare, security, prosperity, and contentment of the customers of BWP.

B. The furtherance of the lawful business interests and responsibilities of BWP.

III. Evaluation of Requests

BWP will consider sponsorship of events that meet BWP goals and fit into one of the following criteria:

  • City of Burbank Organized
  • Burbank Unified School District education
  • Burbank Chamber of Commerce organized
  • Non-profit organization benefit
  • Arts, culture, and humanities
  • Environment
  • Safety, health, and human services
  • Economic development
  • Organizations to which the City provides direct or in-kind support
  • Other causes that advance a public purpose of BWP

BWP will not lend its support to efforts involving:

  • Groups that discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, sexual orientation, religion, or disability for any medical condition.
  • For-profit organizations, excluding selected Burbank Chamber of Commerce events
  • Religious organizations
  • Political events
  • Golfing events
  • Activities, organizations, or causes that do not advance a public purpose or a BWP interest.

IV. Approval Process

The BWP General Manager or her designee in accordance with this policy will approve BWP's event sponsorship participation. Nothing in this policy establishes an entitlement right to any organization, agency, or individual to receive sponsorship donations.

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