Take Control of Your Power

We’ve launched two informative new tools to help you manage your electricity usage and get alerted to potential high bills: the Weekly Energy Updates and the High Bill Alerts.

Weekly Energy Updates

This tool makes it easier than ever to understand where your energy is going and provides insights to best manage your bill. Your Weekly Energy Updates communication features detailed energy usage information. 

Get straightforward charts that:
- Show you how much energy is being used by each appliance
- Detail your energy usage compared to the previous week
- Help you understand your daily trends

Create a BWP Home Energy Usage Portal account to learn more about your electric usage and get personalized tips to help you manage your bill.

Weekly Energy Updates - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Weekly Energy Update?

The Weekly Energy Updates (WEU) features your electricity usage information, and will include charts on:
  • Electricity usage patterns compared to the previous week
  • Weekly electricity usage by each day of the week
  • Hourly electricity usage trends for the peak consumption day of the week, including the peak usage occurrence time
The customer’s electricity usage is presented in three different ways to help them think about what they may have done differently weekly, daily, and hourly so that they can take control of their usage and their bill by making adjustments. The WEU report also features personalized tips for them, selected out of hundreds of possible tips based on their usage patterns. These can range from tips on weatherizing your home to easy tips on installing electric water heater timers.

High Bill Alerts

High Bill Alerts notifies you anytime you're on track to receive a higher bill due to dramatically higher usage. You'll get a heads-up early enough to make a difference,  that will warn you to make adjustments to avoid being stuck with a higher bill.

Get easy-to-understand information on:
- How much higher your next projected bill might be if you don't take action
- What time of day you used the most energy
- Tips on how to reduce usage

Gain access to even more features to help you manage your bill by creating a BWP Home Energy Usage Portal account.

High Bill Alerts - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a High Bill Alert?

If the system projects that a participating customer is on track to receive a higher bill due to higher than usual usage, an alert is triggered. The customer then receives a High Bill Alert (HBA). This process allows customers to manage their usage before a bill is due.

The HBA features useful information on what time of day customers used the most electricity and what factors – such as weather or heavy appliance use – may have contributed to the higher usage. HBAs also feature personalized tips to promote energy efficiency.
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