Project update: Repaving will begin June 13, 2024. This will be followed by striping, installation of traffic detection loops at intersections, and related activities. PAVECO will perform the work, and residents will see “no parking” signs posted as needed.

Underground Construction Project for the Willow Substation

BWP will be rebuilding a substation at 228 S. Naomi Street. To prepare the city for the new substation, BWP and BWP contractors will be completing construction on the underground conduits and manholes that will eventually connect the new  substation to the electric grid.

Construction on the Underground Conduits
Starts in March 2023

The substation is still in the planning/design phase, but there is work that can be done now to prepare for the new substation.


Construction of the underground electrical lines in City streets will begin in March 2023. The map below shows the construction area.  The working hours will be Monday through Friday from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm. Street lane closures will be generally limited to 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.

A carefully developed, City approved traffic plan will be used to keep traffic flowing around construction areas. Informative signs, traffic cones, and traffic guards will be used to minimize the day-to-day impact. "No parking" signs will be used as needed with a minimum of 48 hours advance notice. Please see the map below for streets impacted by this project. 
Keeping the job site and the City streets clean is a priority. We will use dust control and street cleanup as needed throughout the day. We understand noise may be a concern in construction areas. We will do our best to limit the noise from heavy equipment and machinery to the construction working hours. 

Underground Conduit Construction Area

The yellow line on map on the left shows the areas impacted by the underground conduit construction. 

The new substation will be built at 228 S. Naomi St in 2024.

Have a question? 

If you have additional questions about this effort, please check out our frequently asked questions first. 

If you have additional questions about the underground construction, please contact the BWP Project Manager, Sven Knauth, by email at [email protected].

Media District Paving
Tentative Schedule

DAY 1 – June 13


  1. S Frederic Between Olive and Willow
  2. Alameda Between Florence and Bob Hope
  3. Alameda Between Buena Vista and Naomi 

DAY 1 – June 13

DAY 2 – June 14


  1. Buena Vista North of Olive
  2. Naomi From Verdugo to Olive 

DAY 3 – June 17


  1. Verdugo at Naomi
  2. Naomi From Verdugo to Olive

DAY 3 – June 17

DAY 4 – June 18


  1. Olive and Alameda
  2. Olive between Naomi and Frederic
  3. Florence and Alameda

DAY 5 – June 20


  1. Alameda Between Bob Hope and Olive
  2. Olive Between Alameda and California 

DAY 5 – June 20

DAY 6 – June 21

Day 6

  1. Buena Vista North of Alameda Centerlane Only
  2. Buena Vista and Olive Southbound Lanes

DAY 7 – June 25

Day 7

  1. Buena Vista and Olive Northbound Lanes 

DAY 7 – June 25

DAY 8 – June 26

Day 8

  1. Olive/California and Olive/Alameda

Willow Substation Rebuild

BWP will be rebuilding a substation at 228 S. Naomi Street.  This critical piece of equipment will allow us to maintain reliable service and continue to serve your power needs for many years to come. 

The Willow Substation Rebuild is Currently
Being Planned and Designed

The substation is still in the planning/design phase. The City of Burbank prepared an Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration to address the environmental effects of the proposed Willow Distribution Station Project. The Willow Substation will be an electrical substation that helps manage the flow of electricity in the Media District zone.

The Willow Distribution Station Project includes the demolition of the existing substation and construction of a new substation with increased power capacity. The scope of the project includes the construction of the new substation, transmission circuits, and distribution circuits. The new substation will include 69kV Gas-Insulated Switchgear, Power Transformers, and 12kV Air-Insulated Switchgear, with most of the equipment housed inside of two newly constructed CMU enclosures.

The proposed Project is located in the Media District at 228 S Naomi Street. Burbank is the lead agency under the California Environmental Quality Act. 

Read Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration > 

For questions related to the Willow Substation, please contact BWP Project Manager, Youssef Chedid, by email at [email protected].

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